Stone Care

Natural Stone is divided into two main categories. Hard and soft varieties. Hard or dense stone such as Granite or Quartz has impressive resistance to staining and scratching.

These types of stones require less day to day maintenance. Soft stone such as marble, limestone or Travertine has low resistance to staining and scratching.

Therefore being harder to maintain and naturally more porous. These types of stone require more day to day maintenance.

Correctly maintaining your stone surface is the key to keeping it looking beautiful every day. We can show you how.

Stone Gallery has selected one of the World’s most advanced Chemical Company and most effective stone care products for you to use in your home.

Intial Care

Product – Stone Cleaner

This product is used mainly on newly built floors and walls. Designed for thorough removal of building dirt, light concrete films, soot and tar stains, plastic paint and plaster, grease and oils.

Application: Depending on the degree of dirt, dilute with water in the ratio  of 1:1 up to 1:500. Apply to surface area with a cloth using suitable gloves and allow the cleaner to word for 10-20 minutes. For deep dirt and grime scrub surface with a nylon pad or soft brush. Rinse thoroughly with water and allow to dry. Ensure after drying that all residue is wiped off with a dry cloth.

Everyday Care

Product – Triple effect


his is a Food-safe specail cleaning agent designed for everyday use on any natural and synthetic surfaces such as tables and countertops. In particular food preparation areas. With regular use, Triple effect also protects the structure and colour of your stone.

Application: Spray it on with a pump and wipe clean.

Annual care

Product – Stain Pepellent Nano


tain Repellent Nano is a strong repellent. Applied only once a year to harder surfaces such as Granite, Quartz, and certain types of marble, this product will protect against spills such as oil, red wine and vinegars.

Application: Before applying this product, ensure the surface is cleaned thoroughly with Triple-effect cleaner and allow to dry. This now makes the surface ready for impregnation.

Apply Stain Repellent Nano undiluted with a clean cloth, microfiber applicator or lams wool applicator evenly to the stone surface several times, ensuring an even coat is distributed throughout the surface. After 20 minutes completely remove any surface residue with a clean cloth.

Regular Clean

Product – Stone Soap


tone Soap is a cleaning agent designed for everyday use on all natural stone and synthetic floor areas such as bathrooms, hallways and foyers.

Application: Dilute with water as specified and simply mop it on. With regular use Stone Soap protects the structure and colour of your stone

To purchase any of these products or for further technical information, please contact our office or visit our Showroom.

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